Bitcoin promotions

Bitcoin promotions

The terms bonus and promotion, are sometimes used synonymously, but there is a slight different between a Bitcoin bonus and a Bitcoin promotion. While a bonus usually refers to a more standard offer, like a welcome bonus offered to players who make their first deposit, or a standard no deposit bonus offered to all new players, whereas a promotion usually refers to a benefit that is offered temporarily and it can be linked to a particular time of the year, a particular day of the week, or days of the month, a new game that has been recently introduced, or something completely different.

While the welcome bonus is the primary incentive for new players, Bitcoin casinos also aim to keep their current players entertained and satisfied with various bonus. At most casinos you will have the chance to claim at least one or two different promotions, and some operators go even further and provide its players with a much wider range of promotions that can include as many as ten different promo offers, or even more.

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Finding Value

As there are many different types of Bitcoin promotions, players should always look through and try to find value. Not all bonuses are equally beneficial, so you should carefully think before agreeing to the promotional terms and conditions.

In the terms and conditions of the promo offer it is specified whether a player should opt in, if they wish to receive the offer, or whether the offer is awarded automatically to all players who meet the outlined criteria. Bear in mind that if a promo offer is awarded automatically, yet for some reason, you don’t want to claim it, you can always opt out.

Free Spins

Free Spins are the most common type of Bitcoin promotions. As such, free spins can be offered as part of the welcome package, in addition to the deposit bonus, but many Bitcoin casinos offer special free spins promotions that can be claimed by all players, not just newbies.

A free spins promotion can be offered whenever a new game or several new games are introduced. The goal is to promote the game and familiarise the players with it. The promotion usually includes a number of spins that can be used on a selected game or games which have to be used within a given timeframe.

Sometimes when the offer includes tens of free spins they can be divided into instalments and in those cases, the player is usually awarded a certain number of free spins per day (5, 10, or more). When free spins are awarded on a daily basis, the player is supposed to use all free spins for the current day, so that the operator can award the next instalment.

Free spins bonuses can also be linked to a certain holiday or the holiday season.  Many Bitcoin casinos offer special Christmas free spin promotions which can be used on the days before and after Christmas.  As there are many Christmas-themed slot games, in many occasions the free spins can be used on such games. Similar Halloween promotions are often offered, as there are many Halloween-themed slots as well.

There can be numerous other reasons for a Bitcoin casino to offer a free spins promotion, like a casino anniversary or a jubilee, announcement of a cooperation deal with a game provider and many more. Regardless of that, you should always read the terms and conditions for the promotion, so that you can make an informed decision regarding whether you should claim the promotion or not. Bear in mind that, in many cases, free spins promotions carry a maximum winnings limit and a wagering requirement which has to be met before you can withdraw your winnings.

Exclusive Bitcoin Promotions

It is not exclusive for casinos that accept Bitcoins to offer promotions to players who make Bitcoin deposits. These type of promotions aren’t offered by Bitcoin-only casinos, but casinos that accept both Bitcoin and conventional currencies, often wish to offer an incentive and encouragement to players who make transactions in the most popular crypto-currency.

The range of exclusive Bitcoin promotions may vary, it can be a special deposit bonus on every Bitcoin deposit (not just the first one or the first few), a Bitcoin free spins promotion, a special promotion that is awarded on a particular day or days to all eligible players, etc. In general, Bitcoin specific promotions tend to be more favourable than standard promotions.

Prize Draws and Leader Board Promotions

Casinos often like to encourage players to play more by offering prize incentives to all players who meet certain criteria. The criteria are usually tied to the amount of money that a player has wagered during a particular period of time. Players how have wagered the required amount of money enter the prize pool and then after the end of the promotional period, the winners are drawn.

Similar to prize draws are the Leader Board promotions. Here, the prizes aren’t drawn, but instead players who have been most active during the promotional period will find themselves on the top of the leader board. Then, at the end of the promotional period, the top player, or multiple players will receive hefty prizes.

In many cases, casinos combine the two promotions and offer both prize draws at the end of the promotional period, and all players who have qualified participate in the draws, but also leader board prizes that are automatically awarded to players who fill in the top positions on the promotion leader board.


Game Promotions

Much like free spins promotions can be tied to a specific game or a group of games, Bitcoin casinos can also offer promotions for different games, either one particular game, or a group of similar games. For example, a casino may offer a special bonus for all players who wager a specific amount of money, say 0.001 BTC on Blackjack during a particular period. The promotion can be a reload promotion, awarded only to players who have lost a certain amount of money, or a promotion that is awarded to everyone who has wagered the required Bitcoin amount, regardless whether they have been successful or not.

There are many examples, a promotion may apply to all live games, to all Blackjack variants, to a particular Roulette variant, etc. The promotion may be broad, like the example described above where all players who have deposited and wagered through a certain amount of money receive promotion funds, or it can be more specific, for instance, a casino may rewards all Roulette players with an additional award whenever the ball lands on a particular number.

Special Promotions

Although the term is a bit broad, this refers to a type of promotion that is unique and can’t be found at other Bitcoin casino sites. This may include a special promo game where all players can participate, or something completely different. The range of these promotions is really broad, as any Bitcoin casino can come up with an original promo offer.