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Bitcoincasino is the future

Play in a Bitcoincasino or not?
Bitcoin started off as a rather ambitious project. But the results surprised even the most optimistic members of the team that developed this crypto-currency in 2009. By 2017 the number of people who bought, mined or won Bitcoins grew to over 3 million. Multiple vendors accept it as a payment method. It was only a matter of time before the first bitcoincasino was launched.

More people became interested with the growth of the Bitcoin value. Lots of people decided to acquire Bitcoins either through mining or by purchasing directly from miners and other owners. What is the reason for the popularity of this Bitcoin? Probably because it allows for completely anonymous yet safe online transactions.
And this is why Bitcoincasinos are gonna grow and take over the online gambling market.



It wasn’t long before online casino operators realised that Bitcoin could serve as an online casino payment method. There are several advantages of Bitcoin in comparison to standard currencies. Both operators and players quickly realised the potential of Bitcoin casino gaming. As a result both the number of players, as well as the number of operators have been growing steadily ever since the first online Bitcoincasino was launched.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bitcoincasinos offer bonuses and promotions, typically almost every casino offers a Welcome Bonus to all players who register a new account. The Bitcoincasino bonuses are often a lot more lucrative than bonuses offered by non-Bitcoincasinos. In addition to welcome bonuses, casinos may also offer free spin promotions. There are also other advantages, including a loyalty programme for regular customers.

Bitcoin Exclusive Casinos and Mixed Casinos

The Bitcoincasinos are not too different from standard online casinos, the payment method. I.e. the used currency is the only thing that differentiates them. Some online casinos are exclusively Bitcoincasinos, in the sense that they don’t accept other currencies. Other casinos accept both Bitcoins and other currencies. There are also operators that will permit you to make a Bitcoin deposit. But they will then convert your funds into a conventional currency. Choosing this type of casino will able you to withdraw your winnings in a standard currency, but not in Bitcoin.

Obviously, there are differences between the three abovementioned types of casinos. When you are certain that you wish to wager with Bitcoins and be able to withdraw Bitcoins then going for a Bitcoin-only casino is a good choice. Nevertheless if you like to keep your options open you might prefer signing up at a VIP casino that accepts both Bitcoins and conventional currencies.

Signing up at a Bitcoincasino

Singing up at a Bitcoin online casino is just as easy as signing up at any online casino. As a matter of fact, in many cases it is even easier. Some Bitcoincasinos don’t require you to provide any personal information, like your name, or address. Some of the casinos won’t even ask for your email address. Operators allow players to play with Bitcoins using a guest account and all they need to do is provide their wallet code in order to be able to deposit their Bitcoins to a casino account. Afterwards when you wish to withdraw, you will be able to withdraw to your Bitcoin wallet, again without having to disclose any additional information.

By comparison, if you wish to register at a casino that accepts both Bitcoins and other currencies, you will need to provide additional information. In most cases Bitcoin transactions are completed faster than regular-currency transactions.



Bitcoin promotions

Other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Casino Games

The most Bitcoin casinos offer the same types of games as standard online casinos. You will find many slots, in fact, most of the available games at every casino are slots. Most of these games are the same slots that you can find at non-Bitcoin casinos, but there are certain online game providers that supply their gamers only to Bitcoin operators.

Show me some Bitcoin slots!

Most new online slot games are themed games they have advanced graphic and sound features. There are also retro games which resemble traditional fruity slots. Some of the Bitcoin casinos offer hundreds of different slots, whereas others may have a more limited game library. The number of games isn’t the only criterion here, their quality also matters.

Also table games

Slot games aren’t the only games that you can play at a Bitcoin online casino. You will also have access to a range of table games. Blackjack and Roulette are the most popular table games and most online casinos offer few or several different Blackjack and Roulette variants. You will also find other table games like Baccarat, Texas Hold ‘em poker and other games.

In addition, video poker games are also included in the game library, as well as casual games such as keno and bingo. Few offer also scratch cards. Many claim that live casino games are definitely the crown of every online casino. They are as close as one can get to an authentic and real casino experience where players get to play against actual dealers and croupiers, in real time.

Provably Fair

Provably Fair is a very important concept when it comes to Bitcoin casinos and Bitcoin casino gaming. It separates Bitcoin casinos from regular online casinos. With the use of cryptography, i.e. the so called has technology, players are able to see for themselves that the odds which they get on each game are completely fair and that the outcome of every game is entirely random. That way, it is clear that the casino cannot manipulate the game software and players can verify that themselves.

Most regular, non-Bitcoin online casinos hire independent testing organisations which test their software and then the findings are presented on the casino website. With Provably Fair players can test the games that they play themselves.

In the early days of Bitcoin gaming not a lot of Bitcoin casinos had licences by regulatory bodies. That has changed and most Bitcoin casinos nowadays are licenced in one or more jurisdictions. Many reputable licencing authorities have acknowledged Bitcoin casinos as accepted types of online casinos.


Bitcoin is not considered to be an actual currency, as most jurisdictions don’t recognise crypto-currencies as real money. As a result, people consider Bitcoin gaming to be a form of real money gaming. Players who live in jurisdictions that ban online casinos, can register and play at Bitcoin casinos. Without any legal obstacles!